The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast

Episode 286 - The People Vs EA

July 7, 2022

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here! And even though one of their hosts is "missing in action", the guys have a lot to discuss!

First up, the guys discuss their latest gaming exploits! Todd talks about Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, and reveals what into his review that is about to go live! What did he like about the game, what did he think could've been a lot better? He breaks it down! Skull Kid Scott returns and talks Three Hopes as well and his thoughts on the game! Will talks his own addiction with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak!

Then, in the news, Pokemon Puzzle League is coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 gets some leaks, Nintendo Switch OLED and Switch Pro get some "updates", and more!

Finally, in the main event, the guys go to court in order to bring to justice Electronic Arts for their comments on Singleplayer games!

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